Black Underground Recycling Program

Our First "Recycling Box" Celebration!!!

Saturday May 18, 2019 ~ 12 noon to 8 pm

Join us for food, fun and recycling . 

Buy Black from the Jerk Taco Man and bring your aluminum cans to be one of the first to toss them into our Black Underground Recycling Bin.


Watch artists give the Recycling Bin a Red, Black & Green Makeover!!!

Below is the "before" picture of the recycling bin, just a basic blue & white box.
We'll update the site with the "after" picture once the artists do their thing!


Pictures from Previous Events...

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Proceeds will be go towards creating our Karibu Jamii Center in the Englewood neighborhood.  Karibu means 'Welcome' and Jamii means 'Community' in Swahili.  The Karibu Jamii Center will boast a 24 hour computer center, a commercial kitchen for up and coming chefs that will also serve to feed a thousand homeless individuals per month.  It will house a  recording studio, media center, art studio and  drumming/dance studio

Everyone is invited!!

Justin Blake


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