About Us

Black Underground Recycling

The BlackUndergroundRecycling.com initiative in conjunction with A Work of Faith, Inc. (AWOFINC) is an opportunity to create a residual income in the black community by using the commodity of recycled aluminum cans.  We will use the proceeds from our recycling program to open and run our Karibu Jamii Center in Englewood.  Did you know that approximately 120,000 aluminum cans are recycled in America  EVERY MINUTE?  The payout for recycling these cans fluctuates based on the aluminum market value, where we recycle our cans and how we submit our aluminum cans for recycling.  However, let’s say we get just 50 cents per pound of aluminum cans.  100 aluminum cans is approximately 3 lbs, so that would be $1.50 paid to BlackUndergroundRecyling.com per 100 cans we recycle.  If 120,000 aluminum cans are recycled in the nation per minute, that’s 172,800,000 per day.  That would payout about $2.5 million per day!

If BlackUndergroundRecycling.com turned in just 1% of the aluminum cans that are recycled in the nation per day, that would be approximately $25,000 per day or $750,000 per year paid out to us.  How will we do this?  Well, it is said that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.  We will help the community  equate recycling with Black Underground Recycling to ‘saving lives’.  We  launched our recycling program at the Oct. 28th  2017 Freedom Festival.  Come to future events to learn how easy it is for you to participate and how Seaway ~ A Division of Self Help FCU is already on board recycling with us.  We are looking forward to meeting you soon at some of our upcoming events.